Modular production projects

ASME, ANSI, API Standard Quality

High & Low Pressure Vessels

Underground - Onshore - Offshore

Early production facility skids

Modular skid packages

Pigging Skids

Pig receivers & Pig launchers

Corrugated plate interceptors

Custom Pressure Vessels

Production runs

Multiple unit capability

Heavy Fabrication

Maximum Capability

Heater Internal

Attention to Detail

Fabrication - Integration - Testing

Under one roof

TNK uses production procedures to streamline the manufacturing processes with a focus on quality and efficiency. Our ability to adapt to our projects provides clients the perfect synergy from engineering to manufacturing.

TNK provides a concentrated approach to complete the manufacturing needs of the Oil & Gas Industry, and related services.  We offer technical and operational expertise to provide our customers with the resources and services that lead to on-time cost saving deliveries

Pressure Vessels

UNDER PRESSURE - ASME - NB- R - NACE - HIGH Pressure & LOW Pressure

ASME Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design and Fabrication is our Core.
TNK specializes in building ASME pressure vessels for multiple industries:
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, for normal service and lethal services

TNK designs all vessels and ensures ASME code compliance through the use of industry software.        

Our facility is capable of being setup for production runs for multiple units.

Skid Packages

Compression, Pumping, 2/3 Phase Separation, Heaters, Filters, and many more skid mounted packages

TNK - Turn-Key Skid Mounted Packages are a majority of our business.  We provide Plug & Play at its finest.

Custom designed packages are the most common applications sold
TNK Standard packages are available in different stock setups for more robust applications

  • Compression Packages
  • Pumping Packages
  • 2 & 3 Phase Separation Packages
  • Heater Packages
  • Filter Packages
  • Power Generation Packages
  • Injection Packages

Modular Plants

Amine Units, Glycol Dehydration Systems, Crude Distillation Units, Nitrogen Generation

Metering and Testing Skids

Multi  Phase Metering, Manifolds, Sand Separators & Traps, Slug Catchers, and other surface equipment

Pigging Solutions

Pig Launchers and Pig Receivers, and Custom Modular Pig Receiving/Testing Manifolds

Test Bunkers

Testing Chambers with added features: Temperature Controlled, Power Actuated Testing Enclosures for BOP Valves and other High Pressure Testing.

Procurement - Domestic and International

Procurement with supply chain continuity, that maximizes cost savings, and enhances quality to the end user.

Equipment and Parts with Complex Specifications, Domestic and Foreign

Electrical Equipment, from software and programs to facility controls

Automation: complete facility automation, skid package automation, and process automation

Services: Include transportation, coatings, cladding, maintenance, installation, commissioning, and training.


"Smart" Engineering and Design encompassing mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation disciplines.

Our partnerships with several key engineering firms allows us to provide total engineered solutions
provided by vetted firms that provide the data in a manner that provides complete synergy with
planning, procurement, manufacturing, installation, startup, and maintenance

Smart solutions makes the items all intelligent, meaning the item (vessel, pipe, fitting, valve, pump, etc...) is comprised of the specifications and manuals belonging to that unique component.

P&ID's are linked with each tagged item, line and vessel in the project.